Cincinnati V-Twin Expo Trade Show Recap

Cincinnati wasn’t any better weather-wise than Cleveland, but the one thing it did have was an over-abundance of some of the industry leaders in custom motorcycle building and parts fabrication. I’m not talking about the huge corporate giants that have all their stuff just shit out of some machine and sitting on a factory floor in the middle of China. I’m talking about guys like Led Sled or Schaaf Built, etc. These guys (along with a growing number of people) are making this stuff here in the US, out of US metals, by US craftsman.

For these guys, it’s not just a matter of it being the right thing to do – its about taking back, in small pieces, the manufacturing industry that we were once a leader in. For myself, I try to build from US parts as much as possible but sometimes, with costs being prohibitive and the economy not supporting high prices to cover those costs, I still have to compromise. Its still a business reality right now but by working together we’re starting to bring it back.

As for the show – not sure I will be going back for the show. As for the after-parties and the ‘real’ people though — I’ll be THERE every year! In this business it’s about honesty, integrity and being able to drink like a monster and still make it back to the hotel for pizza!

Read more about the show here: V-Twin Expo 2014 Robin Bradley reviews this year’s 13th Annual V-Twin Expo at Cincinnati

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