Custom Parts & Restoration

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How long have you been working on that project bike of yours?

What part of the restoration has you stumped, or worse, afraid of tackling because it looks almost an impossible task to complete?

How many web searches have you made, trying to find that replacement part for your classic bike, but were unable to find it, either because they don’t make it any more, or no one has a used part for sale?

Don’t waste any more time – we likely have the solution.  Fabrication of complete parts or repairs are possible, and for a lot less than you think.  CNC, EDM, Waterjet, etc., we have access to all the necessary tools and the people with the skills to help you complete that project.  From a cracked aluminum casing to a custom transmission linkage, we can help you bridge the gaps you’ve encountered.

What’s that? You found a classic Indian bike in your Grandfather’s barn?

Now you now want to restore it but lack the time, resources or skills and are wondering what to do next. We can help with that too from sourcing original parts, fabricating new ones, or completely stripping down and rebuilding the bike with new (original) paint to complete your project.

Don’t let the rust and the cobwebs get you down.  Contact us today and lets see what we can do even if it’s just to bounce some ideas around.

Ride on,

Gary Savill – Designer & Builder