Industry Pros & Friends – Schaaf Built Custom T-Shirt Fundraiser

Hating to sound like the Miranda Lambert song ‘Automatic’ (which I actually like – yeah, shoot me), Zach Schaaf, who runs Schaaf Built, is not only a great friend, but an incredibly talented craftsman.  I believe he was born on the rear fender of a Knucklehead, and when he feels a little low on energy, drinks a quart of Royal Purple.

In addition to being a great person – he is also extremely lucky to have an amazing wife, and two fantastic kids.  On top of running a very successful parts business, hand-crafting cast parts, servicing motorcycles and building them, he also manages to do great things for humanity.  Zach’s latest project is to travel to Cambodia to repair 3 orphanages.  In order to pay for his expenses, he is working with a local designer and t-shirt printer to sell shirts to raise the money. To buy one, check out the front page of his website or click on the shirt below!

When the new store is open on my website, I am only going to be selling a few items from some very select manufacturers.  Zach’s stuff will be amongst them.  Over the next 4 months, I have some monster builds going on as well, and they will all feature some killer cast-parts from Zach.  Keep your eyes peeled for more Schaaf Built products in the future – he is gonna kill it!

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