Thoughts on Starting a Custom Motorcycle Manufacturing Business

As I start to get some time freed up, I am going to start developing a road-map of sorts for those interested in starting their own custom bike shop.

I can tell you, it’s not an easy path.

The most difficult times are when you have to deal with your state offices, trying to obtain the correct licenses. On top of that, they don’t often deal with small vehicle manufacturers, so they don’t always have the information you need, and this just adds to your timetable of getting your business running.

Believe it or not, the easiest people I have dealt with is the federal government in Washington, D.C. They were extremely helpful in directing me through the process of obtaining my federal manufacturers license, and the whole process took less than two weeks. Anyway, stay tuned as I walk you through each step of the process, which will hopefully get you up and running faster. Ride safe!

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