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Why the Donation Bike and The Gentle Doctor Benefit Really Matter

I love building bikes but I also love animals. I know that I’m very low-key about declaring this and if you know me at all you could easily miss it.

I’m also versed in the art of sarcasm.

It’s no big secret that I love animals and have done a lot to seek their greater welfare over the years. Lately I have had the distinct pleasure of volunteering with a great St. Louis agency called Gateway Pet Guardians who are using their time–literally all hours of the day and night sometimes–and their own hands and homes to make a difference the stray animals & people in East St. Louis neighborhoods. The kind of passion that leads people into the streets to do something they believe in is the stuff the best parts of life are made of.

GPG partners with an amazing animal hospital called Hillside Animal Hospital that has a staff with hearts equally as gigantic and also the specialty medical knowledge really needed to help found animals who may be sick or wounded. Many often are, like Ziggy and Clemson.

I think we need more people in the world with these kind of hearts that also have certain skills. This is the reason that Barbara and I sought to contribute to the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine and built a bike as an additional donation to their annual Gentle Doctor Benefit. I want to do what I can to share what my own hands can do but I also want smart, strong people to be able to have access to the training they need to help even more without going into much debt, if at all. From their website though:

MU veterinary graduates incur an average debt load of more than $100,000. To encourage the best and brightest students to attend MU and remain competitive with other veterinary colleges, we need to ensure sufficient scholarship funding is available.

That’s a $100k shackle that binds these students for a long, long time from being able to really open up and be able to help in all the ways that they may really want to. That’s a huge burden.

But there’s a way you can help right now.

By purchasing a raffle ticket for the donation bike I’ve built your money goes to help these students have less of this debt to worry about as they establish themselves after graduation. You’re also entered to win this pretty piece of machinery I’ve put together with MY own skills. Just look at her:

Silver Wraith Choppers Gentle Doctor Benefit Donation Bike

Anyone can purchase a ticket for the raffle even if you cannot attend the actual event and it’s all going to the great cause of supporting the MU College of Veterinary Medicine’s scholarship fund.

Please, help send students to school to be able to help make life better for the animals we love by buying a ticket!

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